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Image Analysis

Image and Statistical Analysis Services

CBI’s Computing and Image Analysis division offers the following services to  investigators:
Image computing and storage

  • Image and data storage
  • Computational server access

Image analysis

  •  Consulting and training for image processing and analysis
  •  Brain MRI
    • Tissue segmentation (white matter tracts, gray matter regions, CSF)
    • Morphometry (voxel-based morphometry, regional volumetry, cortical thickness)
    • Diffusion tensor imaging and diffusional kurtosis imaging (diffusion maps, fiber tracking and connectivity analysis, voxelwise, skeleton-based, and regional analyses)
    • Functional MRI (task and resting-state)
    • Perfusion imaging (ASL, DCE- and DSC-MRI)
    • MR spectroscopy
  • Cardiovascular and liver
    • X-ray
    • CT
    • MRI
  • Histology (prostate, breast)
    • Segmentation and quantification of light and multispectral fluorescence microscopy images (hematoxylin and eosin, immunofluorescence)
  • Basic consultation on other imaging modalities (ultrasound, SPECT, and PET image analysis)
  • Development of image analysis solutions and conversion of research prototypes to professional-grade software tools
Statistical analysis
  • Power and sample size calculation
  • Cross-sectional studies (e.g., regression, classification, ANOVA, and ANCOVA)
  • Longitudinal studies
  • ROC analysis
  • Multivariate pattern classification

Image analysis services are offered by appointment.  Please contact Tom Fleury ( for further information.

Informatics Management System

A significant component of CBI is the informatics management system, which consists of an integrated system of Linux workstations surrounding a central core of Linux servers and a growing cluster facility, allowing network access for data retrieval and image analysis both locally and to CBI faculty working remotely. A full-time informatics person manages the system, providing system design, trouble-shooting, data export, software maintenance, and systematic backup. Software maintained for CBI researchers covers a wide range of commonly used contemporary applications for medical image analysis, including SPM, FSL, AFNI, FreeSurfer, Slicer, MedINRIA, MRIcron, Java Image, ImageJ, Camino, jMRUI, and LCModel, as well as a range of more generic analysis tools.

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