Please note that the biweekly user group meetings have been merged with the Nuts and Bolts meetings.  The format will be administrative details at the beginning, followed by the Nuts and Bolts presentations below:

Nuts & Bolts Topics: 12/11/12 - 3/19/13

  1. 12/11/12     Joe Taylor and Tom Naselaris  “fMRI of the Brain Stem"
  2. 1/8/13          Ali Tabesh and Ed Hui  “Noise in MRI” & “Multiband sequences”
  3. 1/22/13       Jens Jensen   “Modeling of Diffusion MRI Data”
  4. 2/5/13         Broome, Falangola and Nie  “PET/CT Overview, Advantages, Disadvantages and Research Data”
  5. 2/19/13       Broome, Falangola and Nie  “Fluorescence, Bioluminescence and Targeted MRI”
  6. 3/5/13         Truman Brown and Doe Jenkins   “Spectroscopy uses/Neonatal”
  7. 3/19/13       Colleen Hanlon and DeAnna Adkins   “TMS Human and Animal”
  8. 4/2/13         Saeid Taheri   “Contrast enhanced MRI”