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As mentioned in the CBI users meeting today, the firm deadline for the complete removal of the old projector system at 30 Bee St is March 1st, 2013, which is looming (since between Thanksgiving and New Years people tend to disappear).  I will be sending out bi-weekly reminder e-mails for people to swap over.  I have already talked with the all the groups that present visual stimuli during their MRI sessions, but in case you’ve forgotten, you NEED to modify your E-prime files if you’re in the following situations:

  1. You are currently running a study that will NOT end by March 1st, 2013.
  2. You are starting a new study with visual stimuli

For those studies that will be ending prior to March 1st, 2013, you don’t need to do anything to your E-prime files.  Here are the modifications necessary to display properly on the new projector:

  1. If you would like your image files to actually fill up the screen, your image’s resolution must be AT LEAST 640 x 480.  In some cases where original image files are very small, this may require replacing the images entirely.  If the image cannot be replaced, then you can try upsampling the image using software like Adobe Photoshop, though your results will vary depending on the original resolution. 
  2. You must also change the Eprime display resolution to at least 800 x 600Here is a powerpoint pdf that details the specifics of the new projector setup.  The last slide has instructions on changing the Eprime display resolution.
  3. Finally, I highly encourage anyone who is still using Eprime 1 files to convert to the Eprime 2 file format.  This makes software support easier, and will also provide your programs with added functionality, should you choose to take advantage of it in the future.  The process is very simple and painless, and is detailed here:

Note that when you convert this way, your original file will be untouched, and you will be prompted to save a new eprime2 file.

Since the projector removal deadline is March 1st, it would be good if everyone who is making significant changes to their Eprime programs (upsampling images, replacing images, testing movies, etc) to have built a new program and tested it at least once prior to Monday, January 14th.  In case there are bugs, this still provides time for additional testing and tweaking.

Greetings all,

Thanks to the assistance of Mark Van Horn, I was able to measure the “brightness” of the old projector with the new replacement bulb.  The projected image is definitely brighter than it was before.  This is with all the brightness, contrast, etc settings the same as with the old bulb, so this increased brightness is a function of the bulb itself.  This is not too surprising – when I took the old bulb out, it looked like it was a darker hue than the new one I put in (although they were the same model number, etc).  Unfortunately I cannot make the image less bright by changing settings, because the brightness setting on the projector has always been at 0.  Adjusting other parameters did not seem to make much of a difference either.  I am considering other options, but in reality, the picture looks a bit better (not as yellowy), and the brightness is not too extreme (the image looks quite decent actually).  You can view and evaluate for yourselves, and we can discuss it at the next 3T CBI meeting as well. 

One important system change involves restarting the Presentation-1 computer.  Originally, with the new bulb in the old projector, the image was extremely bright – I have done one very simple re-wiring in order to bring the brightness down, so that the picture looks decent.  This re-wiring requires that individuals who use the Presentation-1 computer, and restart the computer, to follow a couple of extra steps in order to project from the old projector (restarting the computer will now default to the new projector due to the change). 

Instructions on switching after a restart are here.

As a reminder, we are tentatively going to swap the whole system over to the new projector sometime around August, so those who have studies that will extend past that date need to talk to me about the modifications necessary to run your programs on the new projector.  Also, note that the new projector is set to match the brightness settings that were on the old projector (prior to the bulb change).  If brightness is a really important concern, one option is to switch over to the new projector now. 

For the Eckert group in particular, this rewiring means that I will no longer have to swap the cable out for your study, since that is the one that will always be in use now.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.


Hello everyone,

Just to let everyone know, the bulb in the old projector (the Infocus) blew yesterday.  Luckily we have a spare and I replaced it this morning and everything appears to be working properly.  Probably sometime soon I will try to obtain a light meter again to verify that replacing the bulb did not make the image brighter (it does not look like it did).

I will also be ordering an extra replacement bulb for the new projector (Hyperion) in case something like this happens in the future.



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