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Jayce Doose has made recent updates to the 3T equipment regarding the following:

- Updates for the new projector

- A backup policy for the two presentation Dells and the Realtime Mac

- A request for data cleanup on the presentation-1 computer

- Virus scanning of your flash drives and external hard drives

CBI featured in Research INKlings


Clyburn Research Center opens

The Bioengineering Building (BEB) is a 100,000 sf facility, located adjacent to the Drug Discovery Building. Housed in the BEB are the administrative offices of the South Carolina Bioengineering Alliance - an alliance of MUSC, USC, and Clemson University that coalesces state academic, clinical, business, and government resources to advance translational bioengineering research, development, education, and technology transfer with biomedical applications.
The facility also includes classrooms, administrative offices for the College of Graduate Studies, and an auditorium; wet and dry labs for cancer genomics research; lab space for Bioengineering - including research on or development of regenerative medicine/tissue engineering, biomaterials, devices, and computational biomolecular modeling and simulation.


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