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Jeanette Albertson

Jeannette Albertson has a Bachelor of Science degree in Advanced Radiological Sciences from Weber State University, Ogden, UT and received her Radiological Technology Certification from Mesa College in San Diego, CA.  She originally came to MUSC in 2008 when she was recruited from Bloomington, Indiana where she was the Supervisor of the MRI Department at the regional hospital. Jeannette has joined us from the clinical side of MUSC Radiology as an experienced MRI Technologist performing multiple types of exams and procedures.   She is now the new Program Manager/MRI Technologist for the CAIR Research 3T MRI Magnet at 30 Bee Street.  She will be available on site, full -time to assist with all of the MRI needs of the Researchers and their Volunteers.  Jeannette is also conducting monthly MRI Safety Training for anybody new to working around the 3T Magnet.


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