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Mark Eckert, Ph.D.

The laboratory of Mark Eckert, PhD, focuses on individual differences in neurobiology that limit or enhance auditory perception, cognitive ability, and response to intervention.  Of particular interest are the reasons for age-related changes in speech recognition and the evaluation of speech training for people with hearing loss.  His group is examining the impact of declining auditory and attention systems on speech recognition and its implications for the efficacy of speech training and/or hearing aid intervention. Decline in attention function is a common problem among normal older adults and for people with neurodegenerative disorders.  For that reason, his laboratory is examining the structure and function of the locus coeruleus attention system, which contributes to focusing and redirecting attention. His group is also developing neuroimaging methods to better analyze imaging data and to guide large multisite data-sharing studies, including an international multisite study on integrating data from studies of complex disorders such as dyslexia.


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