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Xingju Nie

Xingju Nie has a Bachelor of Medicine degree (equivalent to MD) from Shandong University and a Master of Science degree in Surgery from Peking University, China. He has formal training in several imaging systems, including Inveon Dedicated or MultiModality PET (Siemens), Inveon MultiModality CT (Siemens), and Paravison Operation and Applicaton (Bruker) for 7T MRI. He has experience with numerous animal models, such as acute renal failure in mice, tibia bone fractures in mice, preterm delivery in mice, cuprizone induced white matter degeneration in mice, and neonatal stroke in rats. In his role as Research Associate for the CBI, he is responsible for operating and managing the micro-CT/PET, 7T MRI, and bioluminescence.  He is available on site full-time to assist with all small animal imaging needs, including IACUC protocol issues, and conducts MRI Safety Training for the 7T MRI.


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