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CBI Data Policies

Molecular Imaging Lab Data Policy

Data Transfer

Data Storage

  • Due to lack of data storage on the small animal imaging computers, users will be responsible for manually uploading their images immediately following their imaging session.
  • After 1 week, each user will be notified by email that their images are still on the computer.
  • After 1 month, the images will be removed from the computer.

Internet Access

The bioluminescence and fluorescence machines are on the MUSC utility subnet. Internet access will be strictly limited to accessing the MUSC Research Repository, MUSC filelocker, or calpendo websites. Personal use of center equipment is strictly prohibited; violators will lose center access and privileges. 

File and Data Sharing

It is often not feasible to share files and data using email. First, there is a size limitation on most mail systems, and second, many mail systems strip off attachments with a .zip, .exe, .bat, etc. file extension for security reasons. There are other options at MUSC including the MUSC filelocker (similar to DropBox), the MUSC Research Repository, and anonymous FTP.

MUSC Filelocker

  • Filelocker allows you to share files with other people both inside and outside of Medical University of South Carolina. 15 GB of space is available. It is a temporary and secure storage system for sharing files and data.
  • 15 GB space available
  • Upload and share files
  • Upload request link can be sent to external sites (w/o MUSC NetID). Enables external entities to upload files (one-time only) to the MUSC filelocker.

MUSC Research Repository

What is the Research Repository?

The Research Repository is a single storage repository to provide researchers with a secure place for storing critical research electronic data.  The goal of the repository is to provide an easy and affordable way for researchers to store their data.  Currently the storage repository has a useable capacity of 20TB of storage capacity.

The storage repository will be backed up using IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager and a copy of each night's backup will be stored offsite.  The archiving function in the Tivoli Storage Manager backup software can also be used to archive infrequently accessed data to tape.

Who can Use the Research Repository

Anyone at MUSC that is performing research and needs a secure, highly available storage solution to store their electronic data.  Only research data should be stored on the RSR.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Any initial storage request up to 500GB is free. However, this resource is shared by many users, so please only request the amount of storage you will need for the next year. If you need more, we can increase it at a later date.
  • To purchase the first TB is $1,000.
  • To purchase 2TB is $2,500.
  • To purchase 3TB is $4500.

The Research Repository disk space can be mapped to your computer and acts like any other disk drive. It is secured via NetIDs and MUSC passwords. The space can be shared with colleagues on-campus. Access is controlled by you and can be changed with a phone call to the MUSC Help Desk (792-9700).

Anonymous FTP


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