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Preclinical Imaging

Location: Bioengineering Bldg, 2nd Floor

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Please review our new Data Policy for preclinical imaging.


The Small Animal Imaging Shared Resource provides state-of-the-art in vivo imaging capabilities to MUSC researchers. The mission of this resource is to support the thriving and growing research environment in the cancer center and the university at large. 
In vivo serial imaging of animal models of disease can provide information not easily obtained by other methods. Additionally, with in vivo tracking of a disease process, the number of animals used in an experiment can be reduced by eliminating the need to sacrifice animals at multiple time points. The advent of commercially available imaging devices capable of interrogating small animals is revolutionizing biomedical research and has opened up the field of molecular imaging. Our facility provides access to instruments and expertise to aid MUSC  researchers in leading the way to advancing biomedicine.

The center has one 72 mm 1H quadrature volume transmit-receive coil, one 86 mm 1H quadrature volume transmit-only coil, one 72 mm 1H linear volume transmit-only coil, one 35 mm 1H quadrature volume transmit-receive coil, one surface coils, one phased array 1H rat brain coil and one phased array 1H mouse brain coil.

The operating console has Paravision 5.1, which features the following: Built-in parallel acquisition; Push-button GRAPPA reconstruction; EPI, navigator techniques for motion reduction; Ultra-short TE acquisition; Half-Fourier encoding; Self-gated IntraGate; Real-time display of acquired and reconstructed data; Sophisticated data archiving including DICOM export; Enhanced 2D and 3D data visualization.



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