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PerkinElmer Maestro 2 In Vivo Imaging System
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maestro in vivo imaging


The Maestro 2 in vivo imaging system (Caliper Life Sciences, a PerkinElmer company, Hopkinton, MA) provides state-of-the-art fluorescence imaging of small animals, including the capability to generate anatomic organ maps and to anatomically target co-localization using DyCE, a Caliper-developed all-optical imaging platform. Fully automated and easy to use, it lends itself to high-throughput applications.

The Maestro 2 system comes equipped with a light-tight enclosure, configurable imaging area, tunable multispectral camera system, heated imaging chamber, computer and pre-installed easy-to-use software on a powerful computer workstation. The hardware is complemented by algorithms for accurate spectral unmixing. It contains an optimized, solid-state LCTF-based multispectral imaging system and excitation source that can capture high-spectral-resolution multispectral fluorescence images of small animals at multiple, user-defined wavelengths ranging from the blue out to the near infrared. It also includes a Xenon-based excitation light source with motorized filter-selectable spectral ranges and a heated stage with a triple nose-cone anesthesia manifold.


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