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Siemens Inveon Micro-CT/PET
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Siemens Inveon micro-CT/PET


This dual-modality system is manufactured by Siemens Medical Solutions (Knoxville, TN) and contains the latest in software and hardware. Both micro-CT and micro-PET images can be acquired, and image data can be co-registered so that the PET image data can be anatomically localized with the micro-CT imaging data.

The micro-CT unit contains a 30-80 kVp x-ray source. The system allows for an approximately 9 cm x 6 cm maximum field of view. Ultra-high resolution images down to 15 μm of ex vivo specimens can be obtained. Specialized software and phantoms for bone quantitation are available. For micro-PET studies we have ready access to 18F-FDG for high resolution metabolic imaging. The instrument is capable of using CT or 57Co for attenuation correction. Images of one to several mm in spatial resolution are achievable.


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