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Computational Biology Resource Center


Some Useful URLs for Genome Scale Database Searching.

  • Human Genome Resources and Guide at NCBI. Human Genome

  • Human Genome Resources and Viewer at UCSC. Human Genome Views

  • ENSEMBL project Human Genome Annotation at EMBL (e!)

  • PERLEGEN (PERLEGEN Haplotype Browswer)

  • VISTA server Lawrence Berkeley Lab-Cross species alignments (VISTA)

  • Cardiovascular Comparative Genomic Database (CVCGD)

  • Nature Genome Links (Web sites for Genomes)

  • Genome Channel Human Genome Resources at ORNL (GC)

  • Gene Ontology-Annotated Gene function. (GO)

  • Human Genome Annotation Library Tokyo (HAL)

  • Ethical,Legal and Social Issues of the Human Genome Project at (NIH,ORNL)

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