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Computational Biology Resource Center (CBRC)



CBRC Hardware 


The facility maintains a 12 node  96 CPU computing cluster combined with a fast fiberoptic network and 35TB of fiber channel storage on an XFS filesystem with an expandable of storage capacity up to 16 exabytes. The cluster is a LINUX-based system (RHEL 6.2) aimed at supporting a host of bio-databases as well as applications in drug discovery, NMR, x-ray crystallography, DNA microarray analysis, Next Generation Sequencing bioinformatics tools, image analysis and molecular modeling. The cluster hardware is a vertical stack of 12 nodes; 12 PE R410 (2.4GHz CPUs with 24 Gb ram). The master node (Dell PE R710) hosts the job scheduler software (HPC Enterprise 3.0) that tasks the compute nodes. CBRC provides programming tools in the form of compilers, scripting software, andweb-based interfaces.  In addition CBRC provides user support in the form of level 2 programmers who aid users for particular applications and or run software for users. The Office of the Chief Information Officer – Information Services (OCIO-IS) houses and manages the system hardware 


The CBRC also maintains a single workstation Dell Precision Workstation T7500 8 core X5687 cpu plus Nvidia Tesla C2050 and Quadro 5000 GPU with 1Tb internal disk plus associated external drives. The computer located in the Drug Discovery Building.Users may connect to this machine via WINDOWS Remote Desktop once they have an account.

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