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Charleston Conference on Alzheimer's Disease

Grant Application

CCAD Junior Investigators are required to submit a proposal using the NIH R03 grant format (PA-11-262) via email in PDF format by 5:00pm EST, Friday, December 14, 2012. The necessary sections include the Specific Aims (1 page), Research Strategy (6 pages), Investigator Biosketches (in NIH format, no more than 4 pages each), Budget and Budget Justification. The anticipated project start date is June 1, 2013. The proposed project should be completed within one year, and the budget may only cover direct costs. There are no indirect costs provided in this funding mechanism. Institutions accepting this award must certify that all of the funds will be made available to the Principal Investigator for the conduct of this research.

The CCAD awards are intended for new projects that are highly innovative, in that they challenge the current paradigm of AD research, and/or propose the application of novel theoretical perspectives, technologies, or methodological approaches. Proposals of strong scientific merit that are less commonly funded through traditional mechanisms are highly encouraged, as we seek to fund high-risk, high-yield studies that will push the frontiers of AD research.

CCAD Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest

Every participant and attendee of the CCAD meeting is asked to abide by the guidelines in the CCAD Confidentiality & Conflict of Interest document. Please sign and email a scanned copy of this document before the meeting.

CCAD Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest


The proposals will be distributed to the CCAD Scientific Board and Junior Investigators prior to the conference. Proposals will be presented at the conference followed by questions from the fellow Junior Investigators and the CCAD Scientific Board. Using a mock NIH study section format, all attendees (except those with conflicts of interest) will participate in the scoring of the proposals on the basis of innovation, significance, feasibility, and collaboration. The scores will be compiled and funding decisions will be announced the following evening.

CCAD Review and Scoring Orientation


The CCAD scoring system substantially mirrors the NIH scoring system.

CCAD Review and Scoring Template


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