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Center for Cell Death, Injury and Regeneration

Olympus FV10i

Before using these instructions make sure you have had at least one training session on using the system.

Olympus Fluoview FV10i LIV operating instructions:

1. The computer will prompt you to enter your username and password that was created during the training session. This account is used for tracking users and their usage time for billing.

2. Once logged on the computer, launch the FV10i software.

3. Select the right specimen stage adapter for your specimen and insert the adapter with your specimen into the system.

4. Select the fluorophores from the dye data base that you would like to observe in your specimen.

5.Select acquire map image tab and select postion on stage that you would like to observe and hit start. Wait for a minute as the system locates and focuses on the specimen for you and creates an image map. Then double click on the region that you would like to observe

6. Select the observe tab and change the objective lens to 60X water-immersion and drop water on the lens. You may need to readjust the focus using the depth tool at this point.

7. Please select in the other parameter tab 1024x1024 images with confocal aperture of one. Select the scan speed that you would like to use to acquire your images.

8. Select the folder where you want to save your images.

9. Press control h to bring on the range indicator. Use detector sensitivity, laser power and hiostogram to adjust for saturation.You have to click on the each channel and then adjust that channel. Do this while scanning.

10. Click one shot for acquiring single images or series for acquiring time lapse or z-stacks.


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