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Center for Cell Death, Injury and Regeneration

Fluorescent Plate Reader

NOVOstar microplate reader:
The CCDIR is home to the NOVOstar, a multifunctional microplate reader that can perform the following measurements:
1. Fluorescence Intensity
2. Time-resolved fluorescence
3. Luminescence
4. Absorbance
The reader uses a xenon flash lamp for exciting the specimen. Suitable excitation and emission filters are available for using different probes for your assays. The instrument can accomadate upto two plates as well as different sized plates.

We use the Google calendar system for plate reader scheduling. First time users must register and then send an e-mail to and indicate the email address you have used for the calendar account. The calendar for the plate reader will then be added to your account.

In order to use this instrument contact:
Ray Deepe

Sign-up policies:
Minimum sign up is 1 hr.
Do not sign up for large blocks of time unless your experiment absolutely requires you to.
Earliest reservations accepted the Monday of the week prior to use.
Please make sure you are adequately trained for using the instrument.

You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype

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