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Center for Cell Death, Injury and Regeneration

Research Projects

Recent publications using the center resources

Recent publications using the imaging core

On-going projects in the Lemasters laboratory which make use of the center instrumentation:

Images from projects that used the facility scopes:

Multiphoton intravital image of polarized mitochondria (green) in mouse liver. Courtesy of Drs. Venkat Ramshesh, Zhi Zhong and John Lemasters
Distribution of electrical potential in a mouse hepatocyte. Courtesy of Dr. John Lemasters
Confocal image of white blood cell for oxidized LDL (red), heat shock protein (green) and DNA (blue). Courtesy of Farzan Soodavar and Dr. Samar Hammad
Confocal image of mitochondria (green) and lysosomes (red) in hepatocarcinoma cells. Courtesy of Drs. Eduardo Maldonado and John Lemasters
Kidney carcinoma cells labelled foractin (green) and DNA (blue). Courtesy if Drs. Vladimir Beljanski and Charles Smith.
Polarized motichondria (red) in adult myocyte. Courtesy of Drs. Venkat Ramshesh and John Lemasters



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