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SC Center for Therapeutic Discovery


The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) is the ideal research environment to connect patient needs, cutting edge drug discovery science, and clinical practices to deliver highly innovative treatments for complex diseases.

Today MUSC is building a robust portfolio of drug discovery projects aligned with MUSC research and clinical care expertise that target unmet needs for new therapies, including a focus on medicines for cancer, fibrotic and inflammatory diseases, and neurological disorders.  The center also supports specific projects in the areas of genetic, infectious, and orphan diseases.

The new South Carolina Center for Therapeutic Discovery and Development (SCCTDD) facilitates partnership models between academic research and pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries to accelerate the translation of scientific findings into products that impact health care.

The SCCTDD represents the only organization of its type in the state of South Carolina, and thus is well positioned to provide a complete framework for drug discovery and development for researchers at MUSC, USC and Clemson, and for biotechnology-based companies in the region.