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MUSC background
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SC Center for Therapeutic Discovery

Mission:  To utilize a collection of small molecules for biological screening that could lead to starting points for pharmaceutical discovery projects.
MUSC has over 100,000 unique compounds stored as solids (~34,000) and in solution (~98,000) with an associated, annotated database developed by Collaborative Drug Discovery. Our scientists have created two screening sets: Representative Set (RS1) with 10,000 compounds and Representative Set Lite (RSL1). These sets are ready to screen and are stored in DDB420. Computational methods were used to design these sets, so that researchers can evaluate compounds in their assay systems, and then follow up with retest sets based on closely related analogs from the larger collection. Due to variations in compound amounts, RS2 was created when empty wells need to be replaced. Faculty can request any set by filling out a compound request form (located on the faculty page).