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Summer Health Professions Program

The primary purpose of the MUSC CDM Student Research Group is to promote student research.

Secondarily the CDM SRG seeks to:

     – Promote the advancement of dental research and careers in dental research.
     – Further the stated aims and objectives of the AADR and the IADR as they relate to
        student research.

Promote student research
     – Support current student research and create new outlets for student research
     – Direct students towards funding opportunities.
     – Facilitate and encourage opportunities for students to share and promote their research.
             • Hinman Symposium
             • ADA Conference on Student Research
             • Regional Student Research Conference(s)
     – The NSRG Board actively seeks new opportunities to encourage current and future dental

Advancement of dental research

     – Encourage quality student research and involvement.
          • Annual AADR NSRG Competitions
                - DENTSPLY/Caulk Clinical and Basic Science Competition
                - Local SRG Contests (Newsletter, Membership and Abstracts)
                - Peer review
         • Offer a range of student experiences to allow students to practice with peer, local
           mentors, and institutional mentors.

     – The SRG facilitates the collaboration of students with common interests via Regional,
        AADR, and IADR Annual meetings.
     – Networking events provide an environment free of competition for students to learn from
        each other by sharing their research experiences.
     – Connect with other students using the NSRG online discussion forums, located here.


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