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Doris Meddin
Doris Meddin

The Doris Levkoff Meddin Medication Safety Education Program, is an outreach program that will utilize at least two new initiatives to reach those populations most at risk of experiencing an Adverse Drug Effect (ADE), namely, children and seniors. The first will focus on the underserved, low-income population through education of high-risk populations (seniors and parents/expectant parents) in various locations throughout the state. On a quarterly basis, pharmacists from the South Carolina College of Pharmacy and our partners will visit these areas to educate elderly and new or expectant parents on such issues as safe drug use, the risks of borrowing medications, the importance of correct dosage and where to find information about specific medications.

A second initiative will focus on healthcare providers. Faculty of the South Carolina College of Pharmacy will provide training to physicians, pharmacists and nurses, and their respective students, on medication safety and establish collaborative working relationship with community physicians, pharmacists and nurses in underserved areas. During their meetings with healthcare providers, discussions/ workshops will focus on senior and pediatric drug therapy related issues (i.e., medication management, prevention of dosing errors, effects of growth and development on drug disposition, poison prevention, etc.).

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