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Center For Health Disparities Research

Core Investigators

Dr. Carolyn Jenkins

Carolyn H. Jenkins, MS, MSN, CDE, RD,RN, BC. APRN-BC-ADM, DrPH, FAAN
College of Nursing

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Research Interests

Community-based participatory research; models for chronic care; diabetes and/or hypertension related to health disparities for African Americans; community health and coalition development; provider/systems change; patient self-management education for diabetes and related complications

Current Research

Diabetes Initiative of South Carolina Outreach: Our goal is to improve diabetes outcomes for South Carolinians with diabetes, through clinical care and health systems change, community outreach, and surveillance of diabetes related problems, care, and outcomes.

REACH U.S. SEA-CEED: Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health:

Current funding by CDC for about $850,000 per year to document and decrease disparities in African Americans with diabetes living in Charleston and Georgetown counties. The focus in on community development, empowerment, and education for diabetes, health systems changes related to access, care, and education and coalition power, expansion, advocacy and sustainability.

Currently, the REACH faculty and staff are working with 11 different clinical sites, and 13 active coalitions throughout the Southeast.

Dr. Jenkins and her colleagues have developed valid and reliable instruments for surveying and evaluating health provider practices, diabetes self-management, and community coalition development. Logic modeling is used for program development, implementation, and evaluation.


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