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Center For Health Disparities Research


*****Please Note*****

There will be no call for applications for the 2011/2012 Pilot Program this year.

Pilot Program

Center for Health Disparities Research – Call for Applications

The Center for Health Disparities Research is a research, training, and outreach program focused on eliminating racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, and rural/urban disparities in health. The mission of the MUSC Center for Health Disparities Research (CHDR) is to foster an environment of collaborative research to improve understanding of the multiple factors that perpetuate health care disparities and develop effective interventions to eliminate racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, and rural/urban disparities in health. An integral part of this mission is to provide pilot funds to support innovative research in eliminating health disparities.

The Center for Health Disparities Research Pilot Project Program is a one-year program that provides support for 4-6 pilot projects (up to $5,000 per year per project) for graduate or post-graduate students, fellows, or faculty from MUSC. Pilot studies will be expected to serve as vehicles to collect preliminary data for subsequent competitive applications. Pilot funds may not be used for investigator salary support, but can be used to support research assistants or buy statistical support necessary for the conduct of the study. Research ideas from all disciplines are welcome. Graduate students, post-graduate students, and fellows should identify faculty mentors for their projects.

Only projects that focus on the following three priority areas will be considered for funding:  (1) health disparities; (2) community-based translational research; and (3) rural health. Examples of research studies that are responsive to this call include the following: (1) interventions at the patient, provider, and health systems levels to reduce or eliminate racial/ethnic, rural/urban, and socioeconomic differences in quality of care and health outcomes; (2) community-based studies on primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of chronic diseases in diverse populations; and (3) novel interventions to improve health care delivery and health outcomes for rural dwelling residents.

Applications must be submitted by September 30th and must include: (1) a research proposal (maximum of 3 pages) containing a statement of the problem (including specific aims and background/rationale), methods to be used, anticipated results, and discussion of how planned efforts will lead to future funding; (2) a biographical sketch for the investigator on the standard PHS 398 form; (3) a 1-page letter of support from a primary mentor for graduate students, post-graduate students, or fellows; and (4) budget and justification on the standard PHS 398 form.

Selected applicants will be notified in October for funding that will begin on November 1st.

Please send application materials to:

Brittany L. Smalls, MHA
Program Coordinator
Phone:   843-876-0698 
Fax: 843-876-1201




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