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  • We're on a mission...

    The Center for Health Disparities Research at the Medical University of South Carolina is focused on eliminating racial/ethnic, socioeconomic and rural/urban disparities in health.

  • We're striving for a healthier future...

    through excellence in all phases of our work and continually improving our programs and practices based on new knowledge.

  • We focus on translating research...

    to communities through development of health interventions that are effective and practical in the real world.

HEROIC (COIN) Research

The Charleston VA Health Equity and Rural Outreach Innovation Center (HEROIC) was established as one of 19 nationally funded Centers of Innovation (COIN) by the VA in 2013. Before that, the Charleston VA Medical Center was involved with health equity research through smaller programs dating back to 2004.

HEROIC and the Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion (CHERP), based in Pennsylvania, are the only two VA COIN programs to focus on health equity issues. HEROIC’s specific mission is to improve access and equality in health care for all Veterans by eliminating geographic, racial/ethnic and gender-based disparities. HEROIC often collaborates with the MUSC Center for Health Disparities Research (CHDR) in addition to a number of VA partners.

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