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Grand Rounds

Upcoming Grand Rounds

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Previous Grand Rounds

EditionPresenterTitleSlides (pdf)Video
Fall 2017James Krause, PhDMeasuring Quality Indicators of Employment Success Among Persons with MS and SCI  
Winter 2016David Powell, MDNontraumatic Spinal Cord Injury: Etiologies and OutcomesSLIDESVIDEO 
Fall 2015James Krause, PhD40 Years of SCI ResearchSLIDES 
Summer 2015Edelle Field-Fote, PT, PhDReactivate, Rewire, & Restore: Challenging the Nervous System to Optimize Function after SCISLIDES 
Spring 2015Jonathan R. Wolpaw, PhDActivity-Dependent Plasticity in the Spinal Cord: Theory and TherapySLIDESVIDEO
Winter 2015Aiko Thompson, PhDChanging Muscle Evoked Responses to Improve Locomotion after Spinal Cord InjurySLIDESVIDEO
Fall 2014Yue Cao, PhDSubjective and Objective Environmental Factors' Influence and Spinal Cord InjurySLIDESVIDEO
Summer 2014James Krause, PhDSecondary Health Conditions and SCI: What have we Learned Over the Past Five YearsSLIDESVIDEO
Spring 2014Jeffery Tubbs, MDAmbulation after Spinal Cord InjurySLIDESVIDEO
Winter 2014Susan Newman, PhD, RN, CRRNA Peer Navigator Health Promotion Intervention for People with SCI.SLIDESVIDEO
Fall 2013Mark Nash, PhDCardiometabolic Component Hazards Accompanying SCI: Guideline-Driven Approaches for Effective Risk ManagementSLIDESVIDEO
Summer 2013Janet Lynne Peart Niemeier, PhD, ABPPSpinal Cord Injury and Co-Occurring Traumatic Brain InjurySLIDESVIDEO
Winter 2013MJ Mulcahey, PhD, OTR\LWhat Do We Know About Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury?SLIDESVIDEO
Fall 2012Sarah Morrison, PT, PhDLife Care Planning Projections for People with SCI: A Measure of Therapeutic Intervention EffectivenessSLIDESVIDEO
Summer 2012Chris M. Gregory, PT, PhDTherapeutic Approaches Targeting Skeletal Muscle Plasticity after SCISLIDESVIDEO
Spring 2012Michael Devivo, DrPHTrends in Life Expectancy and Causes of Death Following Spinal Cord InjurySLIDESVIDEO
Winter 2012Sara Kraft, PT, DPTThe Seating Interface for the Individual with SCI: Minimizing Risk and Maximizing FunctionSLIDESVIDEO
Fall 2011Anbesaw Selassie, DrPHVenous Thromboembolism and Early Access to Rehabilitation among Persons with Acute Traumatic Spinal CordSLIDESVIDEO
Summer 2011James Krause, PhDPreventing Secondary Health Conditions and Promoting Longevity after SCISLIDESVIDEO
Spring 2011Joycelyn Craig, BSN, RN, CRRNEvery Patient with SCI Deserves a "Turn": How, When, and Why!SLIDESVIDEO
Winter 2011Mark Bowden, PhD, PTLocomotor Recovery after Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury: Balancing Innovation and ExpectationSLIDESVIDEO
Fall 2010Susan Newman, PhD, RN, CRRN

Beyond the Hospital Walls: The Community Through the Eyes of People with SCI

Summer 2010Deborah Backus, PhD, PTTranslating Evidence into Practice to Allow the Person with SCI to Achieve Greater Healthnot availableVIDEO
Spring 2010Rod Adkins, PhDMetabolic Syndrome and Spinal Cord InjurySLIDESnot available
Winter 2010James Krause, PhDSecondary Conditions: Individuals with Spinal Cord InjurySLIDESnot available

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