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College of Health Professions

About the College

Welcome to the College of Health Professions!

With fifty years of history educating thousands of students from the state of South Carolina and beyond, the College of Health Professions is a national leader in education, intellectual discovery, and research. Located in beautiful Charleston on the campus of the historic, and nationally recognized Medical University of South Carolina, our College advances student learning through a nationally recognized faculty by promoting diversity, and by constantly assessing our programs and activities to better serve our students, our community, and the world at large.

Among the College’s most significant developments is the building of a state-of-the-art complex that allows us to take advantage of recent advances in educational technology and growth opportunities for research by faculty and students. Our classrooms are designed to enhance student learning through the use of cutting edge educational technologies. The College of Health Professions leads the way in the use of advanced technology.

Also distinctive is the College’s research and scholarship by its faculty through the establishment of research centers and the formation of laboratories critical to determining the knowledge base for establishing optimal heath care delivery. Our faculty members are nationally recognized for their creative work in discovery and application.

The College’s staff is student-focused and maintains the highest standards of service through ongoing education and development.  Our staff makes the College special in so many ways, but particularly in their care for the student’s welfare.

Our College continues to focus on recruiting a diverse and talented student body that can address the health care needs of the citizens of the state of South Carolina. It is critical that students of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds have the opportunity to be educated in our programs, to succeed and to become leaders shaping the health care environment of the future.

Again, welcome to our College. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding how the College of Health Professions can help you achieve your education and career goals.


Zoher F. Kapasi, Ph.D., PT, MBA
Dean and Professor
College of Health Professions



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