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Public Advisory Board

The mission of our college is to serve the citizens of South Carolina. To make sure we achieve that mission we constantly evaluate our programs and delivery methods by soliciting feedback from students, alumni, and employers. Some of the most valuable input we receive, however, comes from our college’s Public Advisory Board.

The Public Advisory Board was established in the early 1990s to provide advice to the college about its programs and public issues. The council, comprised of leaders from around the state, helps the college in many ways:

  • Share professional expertise
  • Serve as advocates on behalf of the college
  • Increase the statewide exposure of the college’s health care educational, research, and service initiatives
  • Identify opportunities for creative alliances and partnerships to enhance communications
  • Raise financial support
  • Offer counsel in development and long-range planning

This board meets regularly to advise the dean and college leaders. We richly benefit from this diverse group of dedicated individuals. All members of the Public Advisory Board exemplify the model of service to others.


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