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Research Grants

Dr. Michelle Woodbury, PhD, OTR/L (Assistant Professor) - The Center of Rehabilitation Research in Neurological Conditions is the only research center of its kind in South Carolina, and one of the few in the Southeast.  Excellence in neurorehabilitation research is an essential part of the College’s vision to help people with stroke, spinal cord injury and other neurological diseases/injuries resume fulfilling life roles. Currently, there are more than 20 rehabilitation research projects underway, each addressing critical aspects of neurorehabilitation.

 Researchers associated with the Upper Extremity Motor  Function Laboratory are studying ways to optimize the rehabilitation experience for people with stroke-related arm movement impairment. We recently received a competitive research grant ($1,090,600, Michelle Woodbury, Principal Investigator) from the Veterans Administration Rehabilitation Research and Development division to conduct a large randomized rehabilitation clinical trial. The study will test the effects of two rehabilitation programs; a generalized task-practice program versus a program “targeted” at specific motor impairments.  We are seeking 120 volunteer participants who have ischemic stroke resulting in moderate to mild upper extremity paresis and self-reported difficulty performing self-care or work-related activities. Subjects will be randomized to a 4 week, 3 times per week, occupational therapy program administered by an experienced neurorehabilitation OTR/L. There is no cost to participants, no charge to healthcare insurance, and participants may be compensated for travel. Please see  for more information.

Dr. Patricia Coker-Bolt, P. (PI),  DeLuca, S., Ramey, S., & Woodbury, M. (Co-I) (2013-2014)  MUSC Global Health MUSC Center for Global Health (CGH) pilot grant “Building Global Capacity for Pediatric Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy in Low-Income Countries” The overarching aim of this proposal is to translate our established P-CIMT programs into a model appropriate for implementation in Ethiopia potentially improving the lives of children throughout the country.

Dr. Patricia Coker-Bolt (PI) 5/01/2013 to 4/31/2014) MUSC Specialized Center of Research (SCOR) Pilot Project “The STEP: The Specific Test of Early infant motor Performance” Grant Number: SCTR UL1TR000062.

Goal Statement: The goal of the STEP research program is to develop a rating scale for a shortened infant motor screening tool that requires minimal training and time to administer, correlates with the concurrent gold standard tests, has good reliability when used by usual neonatal care providers, and is sensitive enough to reasonably predict longer term outcome of preterm infants at risk for developmental delay.


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