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Section III: Evaluation Forms

Student Evaluation Form: Clinical Performance Instrument

The student’s clinical performance is documented using the Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI) of the American Physical Therapy Association online which can be found at Online CPI.  There is a required training for the new 2006 version of the CPI and must be successfully completed prior to the use of this tool.  Specific information about access to the FREE online training will be communicated prior to the start of the clinical practicum.  Unique email addresses will be required for each clinical instructor for access to the required online CPI.

Students are expected to demonstrate appropriate behaviors consistently on “red flag” items (Performance Criteria 1-5) and demonstrate significant improvement from midterm to final evaluation in order to achieve competence at entry-level to beyond entry level by the end of the CP IV. Specific requirements for each practicum can be found in the syllabus for the corresponding practicum.  The Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI) documentation and midterm comments of the student and clinical instructor will be the primary sources for assessment of the student progress and proficiency in clinical practice.  The CPI should be completed by the CI at midterm and then again at the end of the practicum and will be discussed with the student. Additionally, the student should fill out a self-assessment CPI at midterm and final, and share this with the CI. Any large discrepancies should be noted and discussed in more details.  After the final assessment occurs, the completed CPI’s (both CI and student self-assessment) will be accessed online by the ACCE.  The clinical instructor and the Center Coordinator of Clinical Education will assess student competence. The course is graded as pass/fail and is determined by the ACCE.  The academic education faculty will determine appropriate action for students not at the appropriate level of competency at the end of the practicum.

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