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Section III: Evaluation Forms

Physical Therapist Student Evaluation: Clinical Experience and Clinical Instruction

The student is asked to complete an evaluation form designed by the APTA Department of Physical Therapy Education, Clinical Education Special Interest Group.  There are two sections to this form.  The first section is on the clinical learning experience as a whole. It allows the student to comment on the quality and richness of the clinical learning experience and the facility. It is completed at the end of the clinical experience. The second section allows the student to provide feedback to the CI, both at midterm and final evaluation timeframes. This should encourage dialog about learning needs and expectations of the student to allow modification to the learning experience if necessary. This information is kept in confidence by the academic institution. Both section one and section two should be returned to the academic institution at the end of the clinical experience.  The first section (the clinical experience evaluation) will be placed on file for students to review when selecting their clinical placement requests.  If the evaluation is determined to be an unfair assessment of the facility, then it is not added to the file.  These evaluations will remain in the clinical facility files for a period of no more than five years.  The facility evaluation is contained in the following pages. Additionally, it may be found on the Internet by following these steps:

  • APTA website (members only)
  • Education section
  • PT/PTA Educator and Clinical Educator-Information
  • Student Site Evaluation Forms

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