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Section II: The Clinical Education Program and Policies

The Assignment Process

The ACCE will send a set of clinic request forms to affiliating sites in early March of each year.  The PT programs across the country have established this uniform mailing date to make it easier for clinic sites in their planning of CI availability. The ACCE will include specific guidelines concerning the types of patients and experiences desired for the students.  The Center Coordinator of Clinical Education (CCCE) is requested to indicate which dates the site can accommodate a student.

Once the sites respond, a master list of available sites is posted for the students to review.  The ACCE allows the students to submit requests for particular sites.  However, the assignments are made by the ACCE depending on the students' clinical and personal needs.  A lottery system/computer matching tool is also utilized for placements.  If a site is not going to be utilized for a particular clinical experience, the ACCE will notify the site as early as possible, to allow the site to accommodate another student.

Students should schedule at least one practicum outside the counties contiguous to campus (Charleston, Dorchester, Berkley), but they may not all be within the same county; schedule one practicum in an inpatient setting and one practicum must be in a setting that provides opportunities to work with an underserved or rural population, this can be the same practicum, but is not necessarily the same.  The student must ensure that the entirety of the clinical practicums reflect a breadth of experiences.  The student may not schedule a clinical practicum in a facility that they have previously volunteered or worked.  All students must attend all clinical education sessions.

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