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Section II: The Clinical Education Program and Policies

The Assignment Process

Student Packets

Approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the first day of the practicum, the ACCE will email the student packet to the CCCE.  The student will also retain a copy of the documentation. The documentation will include validation of:

1.      Liability Insurance:  Each student is required to maintain malpractice insurance coverage.  Student policies will indicate $1 million/$3 million professional liability coverage.

2.      Medical Insurance: Each student is required to have proof of his/her own medical insurance policy.

3.      Worker’s Compensation Insurance: A copy of the MUSC Worker’s Compensation coverage is included.

4.      Measles Immunization: Students are required to show evidence of measles immunity or to have two doses of the measles vaccine prior to the beginning of their clinical affiliations.

5.      Rubella Immunization:  Students are required to show evidence of rubella immunity or to have a rubella titer prior to beginning their clinical affiliations.

6.      Hepatitis B Immunization: Students are required to have the hepatitis B vaccine series completed prior to beginning their clinical affiliations,

7.      Tuberculosis Testing: Students are required to have a one-step Mantoux TB test each academic year. Students are responsible for determining if the specific clinical facility requires a two-step test.

8.      Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation:  Students are required to maintain current certification in American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Provider.

9.      Occupational Safety and Health Administration: The Medical University of South Carolina Hospital Risk Management Department provides students with a presentation on OSHA. Each student is required to have a certificate of participation.

10.  Health Information Portability and Accountability: The student will complete MUSC’s computerized training program on HIPAA.

11.  Criminal Background Checks: A basic criminal background check is performed on all students upon their entry into the Physical Therapy division. An additional criminal background check will be conducted for any facility that requires a more in depth or recent check as a prerequisite. These criminal background checks may be obtained through the MUSC Department of Human Recourses, or the specific facility.

12.  Syllabus: A copy of the appropriate syllabus will be included in the packet.

13.  Information Forms for the CCCE and CI: Each student is required to complete information forms for their CCCE and CI. These forms provide general information about the student, as well as student goals for the clinical experience.

14.  Forms: A copy of all the current forms can be accessed on the MUSC Division of Physical Therapy Clinical Education website.

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