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Section II: The Clinical Education Program and Policies

Creating Collaborative Care (C3):  MUSC's Interprofessional Initiative (including ISLP)

The Creating Collaborative Care (C3) program, the university’s major educational initiative, is striving to develop interprofessional education on campus and beyond. Through C3 work, MUSC students are acquiring basic team skills through their academic programs and student organizations. These team skills serve as the foundation for students’ future work in interprofessional collaborations.

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Goal #4:  Students will demonstrate their teamwork competencies in a collaborative interprofessional health care delivery or translational research context.

In collaboration with the Junior Doctors of Health Program (JDOH) and South Carolina AHEC, the Interprofessional Service Learning Project (ISLP) is being implemented across the state. The goal of ISLP is to provide health professions students with collaborative, interprofessional learning experiences designed to increase their knowledge and skills in health promotion and disease prevention.  Students learn to apply team skills through community service experiences and acquire knowledge of other professions through didactic sessions and teamwork. 

Using the JDOH curriculum, ISLP participants measure the health status of the elementary students through students’ recording fruit and vegetable intake and physical activity (pedometer steps).  The elementary students become “Junior Doctors” of Health, empowered to take control of their own health and to educate others on the importance of healthy eating and exercise.  Students learn about a variety of health professions from the diverse group of ISLP participants and encouraged to pursue future career choices in health care. In addition to teaching, ISLP participants record their own eating and physical activity habits, demonstrating the importance of role modeling in increasing health behavior awareness.


As a result of participation in ISLP, health professions students will be able to:

  • Recognize the value of interprofessional health care collaboration while participating in a community health service learning project.
  • Recognize sociocultural elements relevant to community and individual health.
  • Discuss ways to address youth obesity through nutrition and physical fitness.

ISLP rotations are offered throughout the academic year in all four South Carolina AHEC regions of the state – in elementary schools and community centers.

For questions or further information, please contact:

Director: Scotty Buff, Ph.D.

Administrative Specialist: Kelli Anderson

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