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Section II: The Clinical Education Program and Policies

Carolina Clinical Education Consortium for Physical Therapy

The Carolina Clinical Education Consortium (CCEC) is an organization with representation from the Academic Coordinators of Clinical Education of all the currently accredited educational programs for physical therapists and physical therapy assistants and facility representatives in North and South Carolina.  The mission of the CCEC is to develop and implement educational opportunities for academic and clinical personnel engaged in clinical education.  The CCEC is dedicated to providing programs for clinical educators that are designed to enhance communication, supervision, teaching and evaluation skills needed for clinical education of physical therapy students. The CCEC intends to develop educational resources to assist our collective clinical faculty to continue to improve their clinical teaching abilities.  The CCEC will facilitate communication between educational institutions and between academic educators, concerning state and national issues related to clinical education. The CCEC strives to acknowledge the important contribution made by our clinical faculty t the education of our physical therapy students.

The Consortium began in 1988 as a collaboration of the three physical therapy education programs in North Carolina, and has grown to now include both physical therapist and physical therapist assistant educational programs. The Consortium is directed by a chairman and a planning group (Board), consisting of the ACCE’s from member academic institutions and six CCCE’s, representing the clinical faculty. The work of the Consortium has resulted in the presentation of the clinical education conference in March of each year.

An institutional membership fee paid by each educational institution provides the basis for the continued education programs and other activities. By pooling resources, each educational program is able to offer annual educational programs. There is a great deal of overlap among clinical sites so joint planning among the educational institutions is a logical cost effective mechanism to address important clinical education issues. More than 25 education consortiums in Physical Therapy have been developed across the country.

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