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Section II: The Clinical Education Program and Policies

Clinical Education Policies

Role of the Coordinator of Clinical Education (with administrative support):

The Clinical Coordinator of Clinical Education:

  • Administers the facilities clinical education program.
  • Coordinates assignments and activities of students at clinical education sites.
  • Selects qualified clinical instructors (CI) for student assignment.
  • Distributes information about the curriculum, evaluation materials, clinical education experience objectives and student packet information to the appropriate CI’s.
  • Maintains current APTA Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF).  For additional CCCE information, please refer to the following APTA documents:  Guidelines and Self Assessment for  Clinical Education; Reference Manual for Center Coordinators of Clinical Education; or
  • Communicates with the ACCE, CI and student.
  • Educates and develops CI’s skills as needed
  • Assists CI in developing instructional strategies for each student experience.
  • Assists CI in alternatives for remedial instruction for students as needed.
  • Assists CI in evaluating the student as needed.
  • Reports any student who is having difficulties that may result in the risk of the student failing the practicum to the ACCE as soon as possible.

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