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Section II: The Clinical Education Program and Policies

Clinical Education Policies

Role of the Clinical Instructor:

The Clinical Instructor:

  • A licensed physical therapist employed or contracted with an affiliating clinical site with at least a minimum of 1 year’s experience.
  • Provides effective clinical instruction to the student.
  • Demonstrates clinical competence.
  • Provides legal and ethical clinical practice and billing.
  • Reviews MUSC student packet prior to the student’s arrival.
  • Discusses clinical education objectives, the student’s personal objectives and the method of supervision and communication with the student during the first day(s) of the clinical experience.
  • Modifies supervision, communication and objective needs during the course of the clinical experience.
  • Communicates daily with the student to provide feedback as needed to assist the student in meeting personal and academic objectives at midterm and final assessments.
  • Performs midterm and final evaluations using the APTA Clinical Performance Instrument on a timely basis and reviews personal goals.
  • Communicates with the CCCE and ACCE as needed.
  • Reports any student who is having difficulties that may result in the risk of the student failing the practicum to the CCCE and the ACCE as soon as possible.

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