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Section II: The Clinical Education Program and Policies

Clinical Site Visits

Clinical site visits promote good communication between the clinical facilities and the Physical Therapy Education Department, which is critical for a successful clinical education program.  Unfortunately, teaching obligations and budgetary constraints prevent more frequent visits. The ACCE welcomes phone conversations with the CCCE or CI’s at any time, and the ACCE or another MUSC Division of Physical Therapy faculty is generally available at all South Carolina American Physical Therapy chapter meetings, the Carolina Clinical Education Consortium workshops/meetings and at many national APTA meetings.

If the clinical facility requests a site visit, the ACCE will schedule a visit that is convenient with the facility.

Clinical site visits ideally provide the opportunity for an exchange of information and ideas between the clinical and academic faculty in areas of practice and education.  Therefore, the following activities may be planned during a site visit:

  • A tour of the department or facility to become familiar with the setting.
  • An opportunity for the ACCE to update the clinical faculty on curriculum or faculty changes in the Division of Physical Therapy and for the CCCE to update the school on changes at the clinical site.
  • A review of the student’s clinical performance with the clinical instructor.
  • A discussion with the student about their clinical performance and experience.
  • An opportunity to observe the student while providing patient care.
  • An opportunity to provide feedback re: student performance
  • An opportunity to exchange information about topics related to clinical practice or to clinical education.

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