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Section I: Mission and Philosophy

Expected Faculty Outcomes

As a collective, the faculty will:

1.0    Demonstrate a contemporary, clinically relevant knowledge base through: clinical practice, scholarly activity, participation in educational activities, self-study.

2.0    Demonstrate an ongoing agenda of scholarship through presentations, publications, and grantsmanship and attendance to professional and scientific meetings. 

3.0    Participate in university, community, and professional service activities, advise students, and serve as mentors to students and colleagues.

4.0      Address facets of the educational needs of the local and regional clinical community of physical therapists through sponsoring or presenting post-professional education programs.

5.0      Demonstrate ongoing program assessment and make revisions based on analysis of the assessment outcomes, to include:

5.1 Curricular review and modifications

5.2 Student professional development

5.3 Program outreach to the community

5.4 Student recruitment, retention, and success on the NPTE

5.5 Division policies and procedures

5.6 Student and graduate performance and outcomes

6.0    Support intraprofessional and interprofessional activities in education, scholarship, and service

7.0    Demonstrate effective teaching and mentorship, utilizing educational technology where appropriate.

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