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Debora Brown 
Director of Clinical Education
Phone: (843) 792-3939
Fax:      (843) 792-2829
Stephanie McGowan 
Asst. Director of Clinical Education
Phone: (843) 792-7356
Fax:      (843) 792-2829
Asst. Director of Clinical Education
Phone: (843) 792-9345
Fax:      (843) 792-2829
Administrative support - Lenzee Newman (compliance) and Melissa Serrano (affiliations)
The physical therapy curriculum requires three years (year-round) to complete. Graduates are awarded a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.  The program includes major components related to the basic and clinical sciences, physical therapy-specific arts and sciences, administration, research, education, and the organization and delivery of health care. The courses prepare physical therapist professionals with contemporary, evidence-based clinical skills. Some courses are taken with students from other programs to increase understanding of other health care professions and to promote inter-professional collaboration.  Students will complete four full-time clinical practicums during which the students engage in direct patient care supervised by a licensed physical therapist.

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