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A student is responsible for studies missed during an absence and will be required to make up essential experiences. Academic penalties for unexcused absences will be determined by each course director and defined in the course syllabi.

Prompt and regular class, laboratory and clinical attendance are expected from each student in the program. If for any reason a student is unable to attend a scheduled academic assignment, it is his/her responsibility to inform the appropriate instructor, supervisor or program director before the absence occurs whenever possible. If prior notification is impossible, an explanation for the absence should be presented to the instructor within 24 hours.

During the final two clinical semesters and with the instructor’s permission, students in the primary perfusionist role may be excused from class until bypass is terminated. After termination of CPB the student is expected to attend remaining class time. When class is over; students assigned to a clinical case are expected to return to their clinical assignment.

An absence is defined as non-attendance of any scheduled class, laboratory or clinical assignment. An absence is classified as excused when the student provides documentation from student health service or they experience a death in their immediate family (2 days funeral leave). All other absences are considered unexcused.

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