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Academic Charges

University and College tuition and fees for In State and Out of State students can be obtained from the student financial aid office. Additional fees that are specific for the Cardiovascular Perfusion program include:

Program Fee $750.00 per semester

Other applicable fees for specific purposes (i.e. returned check, financial reinstatement, etc) are listed in the University Handbook.

Books and Course Syllabi

Book expenses vary from term to term, with the greatest expense incurred the first semester. Books may cost $800.00 or more initially. The second term may cost $200.00 to $300.00 for books, and most likely less than $100.00 for each remaining term. Several Cardiovascular Perfusion courses require syllabi. They can be purchased at cost. For details consult the Cardiovascular Perfusion Office Manager at the beginning of each semester.

Professional Liability Insurance

While a student in the Cardiovascular Perfusion program, the College covers liability insurance costs. An additional, personal practice policy may be required for specific rotations.

Immunizations and Emergency Care

All students entering MUSC must provide proof of immunizations and are required to have hospitalization insurance in the event of illness or injury. Students not meeting these requirements will not be allowed to attend classes. Student Health Services staff will contact all students accepted into the program to coordinate and confirm compliance prior to beginning of classes. Emergency care for students is addressed in the Medical University Student Handbook.

Professional Dues

Students are expected to join the national perfusion associations; the American Society of Extracorporeal Technology (AmSECT) and the American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion (AACP).

For membership in AmSECT there is an initial application fee of $25.00. Student membership renewal is only $15.00. The annual fee for membership in AACP is $25.00.

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