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Competencies and Terminal Objectives

Each course, especially the clinical courses, carries objectives and competencies that must be demonstrated by the student. Each course employs testing and evaluation methods appropriate to and matching the course objectives.

Minimum Criteria
To ensure appropriate mastery of the primary didactic and clinical course work during the Cardiovascular Perfusion program students must achieve a grade of 2.0 or better in all courses for successful course completion. Any grade below 2.0 will be considered a failing grade. A grade <2.0 in any of the core courses will warrant a request for student withdrawal or dismissal. (CH=Credit Hours).

Clinical Experience
Past years have demonstrated the program's success in providing more than seventy-five procedures for each student enrolled.

On-Call Responsibilities
As part of the educational experience in the Cardiovascular Perfusion program students will be required to be “On-Call” during Clinical Experience II, III and IV. The hours and frequency will vary depending upon clinical assignments. Pagers will be assigned to the “On call” students. It is the “On-call” student's responsibility to be available and to be within 30 minutes of the OR.

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