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Department Policies

Grievance Policy
Any complaint of a student concerning academic performance may proceed in two ways:

A student having a complaint based upon his/her performance in a specific department or course shall attempt to resolve such complaint himself/herself with the academic department involved.

If the matter is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student and the student continues to feel that a wrong has occurred, the student may petition the department Chair in writing.

A student complaint arising from an action of his/her Student Progress Committee (Cardiovascular Perfusion Faculty) should be addressed to the Department Chair in writing. A complaint must be received by the Chair within ten (10) calendar days following receipt of notice by the student of the action of the Student Progress Committee or such complaint shall be waived. The Chair may refer the matter back to the Progress Committee or to an ad hoc committee for their consideration and recommendation.

  1. The Chairman of the Student Progress Committee (Division Director) or ad hoc committee shall provide the student with written notice of the hearing not less than seven (7) calendar days prior to the hearing.
  2. The student must present all relevant evidence in his/her behalf at the hearing and may be accompanied by a faculty advisor of choice.
  3. The Department Chair, after a review of the record and the recommendation of the committee, shall render a decision and advise the student in writing.
  4. The Dean of the college has the option to review the decision and make an additional decision regarding the outcome.

Appeal Process

Refer to the university honor code in the Bulletin of the Medical University of South Carolina.

Borrowing of Faculty or Department Resources

The program and faculty have books, tapes and other resources that are available to students. Books, journals, periodicals, etc., will NOT be removed from the Departmental Library without prior consent from the faculty. Students are expected to properly re-shelve all books, journals and periodicals after usage.

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