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Student Service Policy

While in clinical rotations performing patient-care activities, Cardiovascular Perfusion students will always be supervised by Cardiovascular Perfusion Program clinical instructors. Cardiovascular Perfusion students shall never be employed to take the place or assume the responsibilities of clinical staff perfusionists at MUSC or its clinical affiliates.

Cardiovascular Perfusion students are limited to the patient-care competencies described in the course specific syllabus. Specific perfusionist tasks, such as drawing up and checking drugs alone, or co-checking donor blood products, remain the primary responsibility of the Cardiovascular Perfusion clinical faculty in the patient care areas, even if the Cardiovascular Perfusion student is a registered nurse. Cardiovascular Perfusion students do not perform IABP, ATS, or ECMO without direct instructor supervision.

Should students find that they are assigned to or performing patient-care activities without faculty supervision, the student should immediately cease activity, consult faculty, and notify program officials.

Students who are appropriately licensed and experienced may seek employment in their non-perfusionist specialty at MUSC or surrounding hospitals as long as their employment does not interfere with class meetings, clinical assignments, call or academic performance.

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