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Clinical Practicum Schedule

Class of 2015

Level I Pediatrics3/10/20143/14/2014
Level I Pediatrics3/17/20143/21/2014
Level I Geriatrics1/31/20144/11/2014
Level I Physical Dysfunction10/13/201410/17/2014
Level II CP 11/5/20153/27/2015
Level II CP 24/13/20157/3/2015

Class of 2016

Level I Pediatrics3/9/20153/13/2015
Level I Pediatrics3/16/20153/20/2015
Level I Geriatrics1/30/20154/17/2015
Level I Physical Dysfunction10/12/201510/16/2015
Level II CP 11/4/20163/25/2016
Level II CP 24/11/20167/1/2016

Class of 2017

Level I Pediatrics..
Level I Pediatrics  
Level I Geriatrics  
Level I Physical Dysfunction  
Level II CP 1  
Level II CP 2  

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