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Mission Statement

The Occupational Therapy Educational Program at the Medical University of South Carolina is the only professional, graduate entry-level program in the state of South Carolina. In consonance with the mission of the university and college, the Occupational Therapy Educational Program strives for distinction among the nation’s finest occupational therapy programs through its commitment to supporting health and participation in life. Further, the program embraces the university’s eight values: integrity, trust, respect, social responsibility, fiscal responsibility, cultural competence, adaptability, and sustainability.


Educate students to become credentialed, entry-level occupational therapists proficient in the provision of evidence-based occupational therapy services to individuals, organizations, and populations and who demonstrate and embrace the following characteristics:
  • respect and welcome for all individuals and diversity
  • caring, compassionate, ethical, and proficient practice
  • critical thinking and professional reasoning skills
  • leadership and advocacy for the profession
  • engagement in interprofessional collaboration and effective team skills
  • desire for lifelong learning and promotion of innovation


  • Expand our contribution to the body of knowledge through:
  • engaging in the process of scholarly development
  • embracing a variety of forms of scholarship
  • generating new knowledge through active research studies
  • serving as role models for students and practitioners in pursuit of their own scholarship


  • Embrace community engagement by reaching out and providing services that promote health and participation in life, thereby enhancing quality of life for those who are underserved and whose occupational needs often go unmet by:
  • linking students and faculty in emerging areas of practice
  • working with community organizations to promote the health of individuals and populations
  • providing opportunities for continuing professional development for practitioners in the field
  • serving as leaders and advocates for enabling occupation and enhancing well-being

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