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Strategies and Evaluation

Instructional/Supervisory Strategies

Strategies will vary according to the fieldwork facility and Fieldwork Educator to which students are assigned.

Evaluation of Student Performance

The AOTA Fieldwork Performance Evaluation for the Occupational Therapy Student (AOTA, 2002) is used by the Fieldwork Educator to assess student performance at midterm and at the end of each Level II Fieldwork Experience.  Students are required to complete a self-assessment of performance at midterm and final using this same instrument (on Moodle or SharePoint). 

The FWPE is intended to provide students with an accurate assessment of competence for entry-level practice and consists of 42 performance items, each scored on a 1 to 4-point scale:

 4 = Exceeds standards; 3 = Meets standards; 2 = Needs improvement; 1 = Unsatisfactory.

Items 1-3 in Section I, Fundamentals of Practice, are directly related to ethics and safety; each must be scored at 3 or above on the final evaluation in order to pass the fieldwork. 

AOTA has established the following cut off scores for evaluating performance:

Overall Midterm Score

Satisfactory performance: 90 & above

Unsatisfactory performance: 89 & below

Overall Final Score

Pass: 122 points & above (including a score of 3 or above for each item in Fundamentals of Practice section)

No Pass: 121 points & below

The AFWC is responsible for assigning the final course grade.

Midterm Conference

At midterm, the AFWC will contact the Fieldwork Educator by phone or email to assess formally student performance.  In the event of unsatisfactory performance, the AFWC, Fieldwork Educator, and student will collaborate to develop a plan of action for addressing identified problem areas.

Unsatisfactory Performance

Unsatisfactory performance includes, but is not limited to, poor safety and judgment, failure to respond to or modify behavior in response to Fieldwork Educator feedback, unprofessional and/or unethical behaviors, and lack of application of knowledge or professional skills.  When a student exhibits unsatisfactory performance in a substantial number of tasks at any time during the fieldwork experience, or when a student’s potential for achieving entry-level competence by the end of the fieldwork experience is in question, the Fieldwork Educator is required to contact the AFWC.

Early Termination of the Fieldwork Experience

In the event of consistent unsatisfactory performance, the Fieldwork Educator has the right to terminate the fieldwork experience early if it is deemed likely that the student will not achieve entry-level competence by the end of the fieldwork experience.  This will result in a grade of No Pass and require the student to schedule an appointment with the AFWC to determine an appropriate plan of action.

Termination due to Unethical Behavior

If the student is terminated at any time during the fieldwork experience for unethical behavior and such behavior has been verified by the AFWC, immediate dismissal from the program will follow.   

Unsatisfactory Performance at Final

If a student does not achieve the minimum passing score of 122 points on the final AOTA FWPE (including a minimum score of 3 for each of the items in Section 1: Fundamentals of Practice), the student will receive a grade of No Pass and be required to schedule an appointment with the Division of Occupational Therapy faculty to determine an appropriate plan of action. This will include participating in and successfully completing an individualized, structured remediation program to address specific problem areas.

Repeating Clinical Practicum 2 due to Unsatisfactory Performance

Following satisfactory completion of an individualized remediation program, the student will be required to re-enroll for OT 641: Clinical Practicum 2 and pay for another semester of tuition, thereby delaying graduation from the program.  If the student is unsuccessful in repeating Clinical Practicum 2, no further fieldwork experience will be scheduled and dismissal from the program will follow.

Withdrawing from or Abandoning the Fieldwork Experience

If a student elects to withdraw from or abandon the fieldwork experience for personal, non-emergency reasons, the student will earn a grade of No Pass and will be dismissed from the program.

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