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  1. Students will complete the Occupational Therapy Clinical Information Card online via SharePoint.
  2. Students will complete the Practice Act and License Verification form.
  3. Students are responsible for maintaining current personal copies of the following compliance documents AND electronically posting them on the Clinical Education SharePoint site throughout enrollment in the occupational therapy educational program:
    • MUSC Student Health Services document that includes proof of the following:
      • M-M-R
      • Tetanus
      • Hepatitis B series & antibody titer
      • Varicella or hx
      • Flu vaccination
    • MUSC Student Health Services Annual Tuberculosis Screening form with documented TB test results; must be current for participating in this Level II Fieldwork Experience.
    • CPR certification card; must be current for participating in this Level II Fieldwork Experience.
    • Personal health insurance card

NOTE: When any of the above compliance documents are updated, changed, or renewed, supportive documentation must be uploaded on the clinical education SharePoint site AND a notification email sent Chad Higgins, Clinical Education Manager, at  Additionally, students are responsible for providing updated information to the fieldwork site.  Failure to maintain currency with compliance requirements will result in students being discontinued from the fieldwork experience until evidence of compliance is demonstrated.

  1. Students will comply with the Level II Fieldwork Student Responsibilities as outlined in this syllabus.
  2. Students will successfully complete 12 weeks of Level II Fieldwork totaling 480 hours, or FTE per site.
  3. Students will satisfactorily complete any and all assignments or projects as specified by the Fieldwork Educator.
  4. Students will satisfactorily complete documentation of their active participation in two interprofessional collaboration activities during the Level II Fieldwork Experience using the Interprofessional Healthcare Delivery Activity Tracking Form (posted on Moodle) and submit to the AFWC via Moodle.  The first is to be submitted by midterm and the second is to be submitted by the end of the 11th week of the practicum (refer to Important Dates section on last page of syllabus). No grades for the clinical practicum will be granted unless both of these forms have been received by the AFWC.
  5. Students will complete a midterm and final self-evaluation using the AOTA Fieldwork Performance Evaluation for the Occupational Therapy Student (FWPE) and submit it to the Fieldwork Educator for review and discussion. The AOTA FWPE form that is approved for student use contains the word SAMPLE and is available on Moodle and SharePoint. Submit pages 1 & 7 of the final to AFWC via Moodle.
  6. Students will complete a midterm update of Level II performance for the AFWC via an online REDCap Survey in preparation for the midterm conference with CP 1 fieldwork educators.
  7. Students will complete OR update the AOTA Data Form for the fieldwork placement with the fieldwork coordinator (first choice) or fieldwork educator and submit to the AFWC via Moodle by midterm.
  8. Students will complete the AOTA Student Evaluation of Fieldwork Experience (SEFWE) form and submit it to the Fieldwork Educator at the end of the fieldwork experience for review/signature (Note: the only SEFWE form that is approved for use by MUSC students is available on Moodle and SharePoint).
  9. Students are to retain personal copies of both the final AOTA FWPE form completed by the Fieldwork Educator and SEFWE form (signed by student and Fieldwork Educator) as these may be requested by the AFWC in the event that the originals are not received in the mail.
  10. Students are responsible for ensuring that the Fieldwork Educator faxes ONLY the final AOTA FWPE to the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator 843-792-2829 on the last day of fieldwork; the Fieldwork Educator will then mail both the original AOTA FWPE and the SEFWE TOGETHER to the AFWC in an envelope that has been provided to the Fieldwork Educator.  No grades will be granted UNLESS both of these forms have been received by the AFWC.

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Rev. 5/2/2018


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