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Clinical Practicum I: PT-740, II: PT-741, III: PT-742 and IV: PT-743

Core Requirements of each practicum

  1. Completion of MUSC and facility required documentation prior to each clinical assignment.
  2. Students will comply with the Clinical Education components as outlined in the Department of PT Student Handbook.
  3. Students will successfully complete the required number of weeks of clinical practicum.
  4. Students are to complete the clinical information spreadsheet by end of first week of each practicum.
  5. Students will successfully complete all assignments or projects as specified by the clinical instructor and/or course coordinators to a level commensurate with a Doctor of Physical Therapy education for each practicum.
  6. Students will complete a midterm and final self-evaluation using the PT Clinical Performance Instrument Web for each practicum.
  7. Students will complete MUSC Weekly Planning Form for a minimum of four (4) weeks and review each week with clinical instructor.
  8. Students will complete the MUSC DPT Evaluation of Clinical Facility Following a Practicum Form form and submit to clinical instructor at midterm and final of clinical experience for review/signature for each practicum.
  9. Students will complete all MUSC didactic requirements which occur during clinical practicums.  These include but are not limited to Clinical Reasoning Assignment, Interprofessional Healthcare Delivery Activity Tracking form, Wound Care, and Evidence Based Practice Case Study requirements.
  10. Students are allowed days off as follows: Clinical Practicum II allowed 2 days off (illness primarily); Clinical Practicums III and IV allowed 5 days off. Time off is always per clinic agreement. Days/time may need to be made up, depending on the situation and learning needs.

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