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The Affiliation Agreement

The written affiliation agreement (contract) between the clinical education facility and the College describes the roles and responsibilities of MUSC College of Health Professions and the facility. The contract language is designed to safeguard all involved parties with respect to liability and to clarify the responsibilities of each party.

Prior to student assignment at a clinical facility, a current affiliation agreement, signed by the Dean of the College of Health Professions and the administrator or director of the facility, must be on file in the MUSC Department of Health Professions. The College agreement has been developed to adhere to the laws of South Carolina and the requirements of MUSC. When a clinical facility amends the agreement, or substitutes their own agreement, these changes must be forwarded to MUSC’s Legal Department for approval. If approved, the contract is returned to the facility to obtain appropriate signatures. If changes are deemed necessary, our College will contact the facility to notify of necessary changes. The revised contract is sent to the facility to obtain signatures. A signed copy of the Agreement is kept on file with the Department of Health Professions, Clinical Education, and one is to be kept at the clinical facility.

All agreements are reviewed on a regular basis as specified in the document. Contract review dates and processes may be specified in the contract. Ongoing contracts are periodically reviewed by the Department of Health Professions, the Dean’s office and the DCE for continued pertinence of goals and the mission of the division.

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